Connect groups exist to fulfill the vision of Destination Church by connecting people to other Christians through everyday life, which ultimately builds disciples and facilitates community.  God didn’t call us to live life alone: because of this, we believe in doing life in small group settings. Connect groups meet weekly in a variety of locations on various days and times. 

In Person & Online – Thursdays 7 PM
 Are you walking through the storm of addiction with a love one or have you walked through the storm with a loved one who once suffered with the grips of addiction? This connect group is a family support group that will give you a safe place to talk about the pain that you hold inside. Addiction affects the whole family not just the addict. Pastor Ashley knows first hand what it feels like to walk beside a loved one who has struggled with addiction. She wants to invite you to a safe place where you can work through the pain together. 
In Person – Tuesdays 7 PM
  Do you have an interest in learning more about true worship?  Maybe you have thought about joining the worship team but want to know more about it. Join Destination Worship Leader and the Worship team for a semester of learning to worship the Great I AM. We are diving into Zach Neese’s book, “How to Worship a King” and entering the world of authentic worship for the One who deserves it all. At the end of each session we will all worship God together and invite God to take His throne. We were all created to worship God so come join us at Panera Bread as we learn together.
In Person & Online – Mondays 7 PM
Do you struggle or have you struggled with any type of addiction? This addiction may be drugs, alcohol, pornography, etc.Everyone’s addiction doesn’t look the same.  If so this group may be for you. Come hear from like minded people who have struggled with the same things. This group is a faith based recovery group that is set up to to build your faith in seeing you set  free or staying free from your addiction. Pastor Steve has struggled in the area himself and has overcome this stronghold by the power of God. Come grab the tools to be set free and stay free. 
Online – Thursdays 7 PM
 Do you feel weary from life’s choices? Maybe you feel stuck and don’t see the light at the end of the tunnel? This connect group is a place to find freedom from your poor choices in life. Our choices are a result of our own poor choices or the poor choices of others. Some have taken many years to develop into behavior that is not healthy or beneficial. While freedom does not happen overnight, you can find the help you need in this connect group. It is a safe place for you to begin your courageous journey of finding freedom from your life’s hurts, hang-ups, and habits. 
In Person & Online – Sundays 7 PM
Are you tired of looking around at everyone else, making gains and you seem to be walking in place? Your friends and families seem to have it all together, while you’re over there trying to make it through the next minute. Women wear every hat in the closet and we seem to accomplish a lot in a days time. But let’s face it, it’s exhausting! Are you exhausted? Do you find yourself going back and forth, not knowing how you will or if you can. I am here to tell you Yes Ma’am YOU CAN! You can do the hard things.This group is to encourage women who feel worn out from changing so many hats. You’re not alone so come join us to experience the peace in knowing Yes Ma’am you CAN.
In Person  – Thursdays 6:30 PM
 The weather is starting to break, FINALLY. Are you interested in getting a word from God while also getting fit? Maybe you have been trying to lose some weight but don’t want to do it alone or maybe you are tired of walking on the treadmill and want to venue outside to see God’s beautiful nature. If so then this group is for you. In this connect group we will fellowship on the things of God while we get our cardio in. This will be a self paced walking group at the Jefferson Memorial Park.. Don’t wait to Walk out the Word. Let’s lose a pound and gain a Word. 

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