Connect groups exist to fulfill the vision of Destination Church by connecting people to other Christians through everyday life, which ultimately builds disciples and facilitates community.  God didn’t call us to live life alone: because of this, we believe in doing life in small group settings. Connect groups meet weekly in a variety of locations on various days and times. 

In Person – Bi-Weekly Thursdays 6 PM
 This group is meant to build relationships  and get to know each other that are on the front line ministry or anyone that maybe interested in joining the front line ministry team. In this group we will be doing fun activities out in our community. Each of you have a God given voice and talent and we will be utilizing all of your talents and ideas. We will be coming up with new ideas on how to serve Gods people not only on the front line ministry but also in our community. If you feel lead to help and serve people or are looking to connect with other people to do life with this connect group may be just what you have been searching for. We are called to do life together, so what are you waiting for.
Online – Mondays 7 PM
Have you walked through a dark place in your life? Do you know what it feels like to be in an isolated storm? Do you want a one on one with God? This group will challenge you to spend time with God by just pulling out a pen and a piece of paper. In this group we will also be reading scriptures and digging deeper into an intimate relationship with God. This is exactly why Tabitha wrote her first book, “Thoughts of You; Pieces of Me”. She was in a very dark place in her life and she began writing down her thoughts and conversations with God. In this connect group you will read a poem (psalm) each session and share the love of God together while reflecting on His goodness and what He has brought each of you through. You will focus on His Light! 
Online – Bi-Weekly Saturdays 1 PM
FIRE (Free Indeed and Redeemed Everyday) Scripture Journaling Connect Group. This connect group is for anyone who would like encouragement and ideas on how to read, study, and journal Bible verses with a monthly theme. Fire Connect group members help one another realize their full potential. In addition we will have a bi-weekly study of the book “Women of the Bible” Women of the bible offers a unique devotional program combining studies, promises, prayer, etc. Lets’ Soar together!
In Person – Sundays 6:30 PM
This faith based group will offer an opportunity to interact with other people from the church while enjoying mother nature. We will be meeting at the Rte 9 bike path. Please keep in mind you do not have to be an avid walker nor do you have to be “fit” to participate in this connect group; all are welcome. There is no set distance to walk during our time together. Before each walk we will go over some scriptures to mediate on as we walk as brothers and sisters in the Lord. As a group we will speak on what your favorite scripture is and why it speaks to you so much. My prayer is that this activity will establish a healthy and spiritual foundation and a positive outlook as we walk together. 
Online – Thursdays 7 PM
 What do you do as you evolve in your faith and you encounter challenges that you were not expecting? Have you ever wondered if you are doing something wrong so to speak? Maybe you feel like there has to be something more. If you answered yes to any of these questions this group may be just what you are looking for. This group will be about building a strong foundation of faith so when storms come and they will, your foundation won’t shift. In our group we will have interactive discussions about the purpose and application of several foundations of faith. Topics will include but not limited to; prayer, fasting, service, worship, purpose, and salvation. Let’s connect our faith together and grow in our endeavor to be more like Christ. 

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