Connect groups exist to fulfill the vision of Destination Church by connecting people to other Christians through everyday life, which ultimately builds disciples and facilitates community.  God didn’t call us to live life alone: because of this, we believe in doing life in small group settings. Connect groups meet weekly in a variety of locations on various days and times. 

 Online – Tuesdays 7 PM
Are you ready to experience God to the fullest? Do you ever feel like there is more but don’t know how to move to the next step or level in HIM? Then this is the perfect group for you. 
It is time to take responsibility for our own personal revival, igniting the flame within us so that we may live the life that God has ordained for us in its fullness. How do we do that? By setting our hearts on experiencing God. Join us as we intentionally walk through the workbook bible study of “Experiencing God” written by Henry, Richard, and Mike Blackaby. Don’t wait to experience God, He’s waiting on YOU.
In Person – Saturdays Bi-Weekly 9 AM
Do you have a passion to help women who are struggling? Maybe you have walked a lonely road as single pregnant mom and want to give back.Embark on this journey to discover what it takes for the church to offer witness, encouragement, and support to the single and pregnant women so that they can be brave! Imagine a community where the church is the FIRST place a single plus pregnant woman runs to instead of the last because of shame, guilt, and the feeling that she is walking alone. Simultaneously the church has the opportunity to introduce single moms to our Lord and Savior, JESUS! The goal is a heart transformation through a relationship with HIM! Help HER be brave! Discover your place in the Pro-Love movement
In Person & Online – Mondays 7 PM
Do you struggle or have you struggled with any type of addiction? This addiction may be drugs, alcohol, pornography, etc.Everyone’s addiction doesn’t look the same.  If so this group may be for you. Come hear from like minded people who have struggled with the same things. This group is a faith based recovery group that is set up to to build your faith in seeing you set  free or staying free from your addiction. Pastor Steve has struggled in the area himself and has overcome this stronghold by the power of God. Come grab the tools to be set free and stay free. 
Online – Thursdays 7 PM
Do you feel like you can’t come to a place of healing within yourself from life experiences? Maybe you have developed habits or behaviors from trauma you have experienced, if so come join this connect group.Hurts, hang=ups, and habits do not develop overnight. They are the result of our own poor choices or the poor choices of others. Some have taken many years to develop into behavior that is not healthy or beneficial. While freedom does not happen overnight, you can find the help you need in Healing Hearts connect group. It is a safe place for you to begin your courageous journey of finding freedom from your life’s hurts, hang=ups, and habits. 

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