Connect groups exist to fulfill the vision of Destination Church by connecting people to other Christians through everyday life, which ultimately builds disciples and facilitates community.  God didn’t call us to live life alone: because of this, we believe in doing life in small group settings. Connect groups meet weekly in a variety of locations on various days and times. 

Jim & Terry Charlton
Financial Peace Course
Sundays 6 PM Martinsburg WV
Do you want to start your journey to Financial Peace?
Do you want to build wealth God’s way? Do you want to learn how to budget your money, get out of debt and build a legacy for yourself or family? If you answered “yes” to these questions then the Dave Ramsey course is just the right Connect Group to be in!
Denise Avi-Lev
Women’s Book Study
Wednesdays 8 PM Frederick MD
The “Unshakable Hope” book study by Max Lucado opens participants’ eyes as to how they can view their problems in light of God’s many promises in Scripture.  When we understand that Christ is our only hope then we can begin to experience Joy in abundance and complete.
Dewayne & Shameka Ainsworth
General Book Study
Tuesdays 6 PM Martinsburg WV

Join us as we connect and do life together in a journey through the faith-based book study of The Battlefield of the Mind by Joyce Myers. The journey will help you to defeat the ongoing battle of negative thoughts in your mind. It will allow you to embark in a freedom from worry, doubt, confusion, depression, anger and condemnation. Be ready to experience the way God has called you to focus your thoughts.
Karen Kelsey
Walking Group
Saturdays 10 AM Frederick MD
This unique group will help free your mind and enjoy a fresh and energizing approach to improving your walk with Christ. Instead of doing it on your own, you’ll have a whole group of like-minded partners to provide all the encouragement
you need as we do life together.
And you get fresh air and exercise too.
Sam White
Men’s Book Study
Saturday 11 AM Martinsburg WV
This book study engages men to seek connections and grow with other men who desire to maximize their potential and discover their destiny in life. Together they will read and study the book “How’s Your Soul?: Why Everything that Matters Starts with the Inside You” by Judah Smith.