Connect groups exist to fulfill the vision of Destination Church by connecting people to other Christians through everyday life, which ultimately builds disciples and facilitates community.  God didn’t call us to live life alone: because of this, we believe in doing life in small group settings. Connect groups meet weekly in a variety of locations on various days and times. 

 Online – Saturdays 11 AM
Do you pray for your children? Whether they are babies, adolescence or adults, God is the best protection for them. This connect group is about praying for our children; asking God to protect them, keep them, have his angels surround them as they sleep. I find God is the only way to protect our children. Join me as we read, discuss and pray for our precious children. One of the books we will be reading is “The Power of a Praying Mom,” by Stormie Martian. 
In Person – Thursdays 7 PM
Are you wanting to learn more about the bible? Maybe you read it and feel like you can’t understand what it is saying. In this connect group Pastor Steve will begin to break down the scriptures to have a deeper understanding of what the surface level meaning is. This bible study will be focusing on getting to know the character of God through His Word. We will further our knowledge through studying the bible to show ourselves approved. 
In Person – Mondays 7 PM
Do you struggle or have you struggled with any type of addiction? This addiction may be drugs, alcohol, pornography, etc.Everyone’s addiction doesn’t look the same.  If so this group may be for you. Come hear from like minded people who have struggled with the same things. This group is a faith based recovery group that is set up to to build your faith in seeing you set  free or staying free from your addiction. Pastor Steve has struggled in the area himself and has overcome this stronghold by the power of God. Come grab the tools to be set free and stay free. 
Online – Tuesdays 7 PM
Do you struggle with setting healthy boundaries? Maybe you want to but fear the response you will get in turn. Is it unloving or selfish to set boundaries? Are Christians ever called to walk away from relationships that are no longer safe or sustainable? You’ll be relieved to know that boundaries aren’t just a good idea, they’re a God idea. Through this connect group, we will learn and understand the factors to remember when implementing healthy boundaries, over frustrating cycles, and be equip to say goodbye without guilt.  
Online – Bi-Weekly Thursdays 7 PM
What better way than to start out the new year with prayers! In this bi-weekly virtual connect group we will come together to develop a prayer board. If you are more of a visionary and love to pray, you will love this connect group. We will work as a group with different resources given by Maria to create a masterpiece of your own. Prayer doesn’t have to look a certain way, it doesn’t have to be boring, let’s get creative about doing the Father’s business. 

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