At the beginning of the book of Joshua directly after Moses’ death, we see God appointing Joshua as the next leader of the Israelites who would then lead the people into their Promised Land, or their next season. Just like Joshua, we are all mandated to enter new seasons with big faith. God never created us to be stagnant, but to constantly grow and move into better seasons of life. Because of this, we have created a campaign by which we all can expand our faith and take steps towards making greater impact.


J19 is our expansion campaign reflecting Joshua 1:9 where we are encouraged to be strong and fearless in taking territory for the kingdom of God.  We as a church family are excited to break out of our comfort zones and expand into new territories with the opening of a secondary campus site, located in Frederick, MD by the end of 2017.


It’s time to have big faith for things we cannot see and believe where God is leading us.


Now is the time to seek God with us as He not only expands our ministry for impact, but as He opens doors for you to reach your life goals and dreams. Pray daily and seek God for what He wants to do in your life through the J19 Campaign.


We have set out to raise $83,550 by the end of September for the funding of our secondary campus site. 

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All funds go directly to the Frederick campus location.


Show us how you are J19 by sharing a story on how you were strong and courageous in the Lord.
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